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Wed, Aug. 23rd, 2006, 04:32 pm
new leaf

hey everyone
i know its been ages since ive updated.
ive been good but a couple of days ago i was in a car accident a pretty bad one at that.
i had been drinking that night
i dont really want to get into detail about but basically my car is a write off... meaning that my car is fucked and you cant drive it.
im pretty lucky considering the circumstance.
i didnt get charged with DUI because i didnt have any alcohol in my system i got 0.00% on the breathalizer
it could of been 10 times more worse. i could be in jail right now or i could be dead.
my head could of came off cause my necklace was stuck to the seat belt when the impact happened. again i was lucky that i was actually wearing a seat belt. i have a really bad bruise on my neck which pretty much proves that if i or the person was going faster i would be dead right now.
so i probably left alot of detail out i really dont wanna type it all and for other legal reasons.
but i just wanna let all of you know that, that was the most horrific experience ive ever had.
i will never be able to forget the feeling i had that day after the accident happened.
as well i really wanna try to turn over a new leaf and clean up my act. theres alot of things in my life that i dont need such as alcohol. so i would like all of your support, i would to stop drinking completely, you know old habits die hard but i think that ive been doing these things long enough to i think now is an appropiate time to stop.
pretty much this is a life changing experience and i have someone by my side that doesnt do any of the things i used to do, so im really excited about that cause she'll keep me grounded.
those drinking and driving ads never really bothered me now they are just a reminder of what happened that night. but i had to learn my lesson the hard way as i always say ill learn from experience, now im wishing that i just took that advice.
im lucky i didnt kill anyone or myself.

so please

you all know me, maybe those ads dont mean anything to you either but at least you know someone who has actually been in that situation, and i can tell you that itll save you alot of money, time, and stress to take that cab or bus home. it can even save your life

if you drink dont drive
its really simple (dont be and idiot like me)
im a living example
and i am lucky to be alive

something saved me that day
i dont know what it was
but i was granted a second chance to change my life
and im gonna make a giant effort to do so.

Sat, Jun. 17th, 2006, 07:02 pm
gahh annoyance ensues

so my sister is leaving back for england... sweet!!!
gawd i come home from a shopping spree cause ive been working soo hard
and shes asking me for the clothes i just bought to give to her bf in england
im like what ??? no way
and my mom is like you can always buy them another time
im like what if i dont want to..and why didnt she go out herself and look for stuff for him for the entire month where she was on vacation and i was working.
i mean hes not my fucking boyfriend?? right??
when the hell do i ever go shopping at that.. with my 2 days off during the week on top of that i barely get to see my friends.
talk about childish behaviour ... wanting something just because i have it...
and they have the nerve to try and make me feel guilty about it
like for once can they think about how i feel
i come home happy that i got some new gear with my hard earned money and they want to take it away from me already... "its ok you can go buy it another time"..how about no??? its not my fault your so last minute... like they dont have t-shirts with funny sayings on it in england...

"shes leaving on a jet plane"
"dont care if she'll be back again"
"oh sis, i can't wait to see you gooooo..."

ok she isnt that bad... but still annoying and mom #2
the only thing ill really miss about her is when she tells my mom that shes wrong and how silly she sounds even if she has the last word
which actually works cause anyone that lives with my mom knows she's never wrong
cause god knows i cant do that
that would be called a temper tamtrum

oh yeah cuba was great btw
how are u?

Tue, Jan. 24th, 2006, 05:31 pm
skii trippy

I know I haven’t updated in a long time, but now is a better time then never.
So as some of you know I went on the ski trip last weekend, and I have to say those of you that didn’t go, you missed out. If you didn’t go this year I highly recommend that you should go next year.
Anyway the trip started off with a party in the Hilliard basement, everyone was getting all boozed up for the bus ride, and most were pretty drunk, I only drank 2 beers to help me sleep for the ride.
We loaded the bus at 12:00 am and was off at 1am
After 8 hours of being cramped up on that bus we finally arrived at the beautiful mount Sutton, though it wasn’t that beautiful cause there was barely any snow. The weather was so warm.
After a quick nap we got ready and suited up for the slopes…or whatever was left of them rather.
Yeah so this was my first time doing downhill anything… I had previously cross-country skied when I was in grade 8…but I don’t think it would help at all for a first time snowboarder.
I have to say after the 30 minutes I was ready to give up and never go again...ever.
But after falling 1000 times on my ass and my face I finally got the hang of it, no lessons at all… so I’m pretty proud of myself learning how to snowboard and all. Thanks a lot to Shannon and Gen for the tips of what to do. I guess the little skating I did when I was younger somewhat paid off.
After some R&R and lunch it was back to the slopes and the 2nd time was much more fun, I didn’t fall as much as I did before.
Then it was back to the chalet for dinner…and after dinner was party time. Started off with a couple of beers and “un boite chaud” then it was off to the pub. Partied the night away and then crashed early as most of us were pretty pooped.
Next morning we hit the slopes again… and it seemed like I forgot what I learned the day before… though I didn’t fall a lot, I had some pretty bad spills.
One occasion where I did a face plant and then started to slide on my stomach and straight ahead was a mother teaching her daughter to ski. All I could hear as I was falling was Shannon yelling at me “DIG YOUR BOARD INTO THE SNOW!!!” I tried that and it didn’t work, so I had to claw my hand into the snow to finally stop right in front of the family. I almost hit them but I didn’t… I said “salut” and then was one my way down.
The second occasion was when I was snowboarding with Gen, she started to slow and I fell right on top of her, I felt so bad, and what was worse was I had to push her more into the snow for me to get up off of her.
That night was the beach themed pub night and Shannon my awesome roomy had the greatest idea that I should wear her bikini… and I have to say I wish I thought of it myself cause I have to say I did look damn good in one…. Too bad I don’t know how to upload pics..
I got pretty wasted that night I though I was gonna throw up but luckily I didn’t.
Other than that the trip was awesome.
Thanks to everyone that made it awesome. My roomies Jo, Shannon and Adri. And of course the “boite chaud” group Emily, Gen, Janice and Caroline…
Thanks a lot girls you definitely know how to party…

Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006, 03:50 pm

hey all im back from the ski trip
for those of you that knew that i was gone anyway
but im soo tired right now. and the next post will definetly be lj worthy
oh yeah
just wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to brynn and cito
happy b-day sis we'll talk soon

Wed, Nov. 23rd, 2005, 10:00 am

originally i thought i was going to england for a week during christmas break to visit my sister
i just found out yesterday that my parents were referring to cuba not england
i dont know if im gonna go yet
but .... does anyone wanna to cuba
only stipulation is that you have to go with me and my parents
and itll cost a little over $1000
in other news
i got a new computer...YEAH!

Mon, Sep. 26th, 2005, 09:57 pm
heres johnny!

i announce my return to LJ.....
did anyone care that i was gone?
anyway ive friended the following



update later..
cya aorund peeps

Wed, Jun. 15th, 2005, 11:32 pm
short update

hey peeps I know its been ages since I've updated
but if anyone cares
I'm working at wonderland now and I recently got a new job at the Institute of Social Research at York U
House is getting renovated, new tiles, new bathroom for me..
Summer isnt fun anymore because I work most of the time
Hows everyone else?

Fri, May. 13th, 2005, 03:08 am

a bird shit on me today

Wed, Apr. 27th, 2005, 09:54 pm
an unfortunate turn of events

on monday morning my mom woke me up to tell me that her friend Sophie died at 4am
she died from cancer
she could barely contain herself
I havent seen my mom cry in so long
I havent given in my mom a hug in so long...
we went up to her house saw the kids and Sophie's mom
shes not doing that well either
today was the viewing
i havent seen Sophie for a such long time...actually today was the first time in a couple of years
i havent worn a suit,tie,shirt ensemble in such a long time...last time was probably prom
these people were laughing in front of her coffin when they were supposed to pay their respects
i was kinda getting mad
tommorow is the funeral
but other than that
R.I.P. Sophie
may Melanie, Aurelie, and Jeffrey be strong with you in spirit...

Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005, 12:15 pm

yeah long over due entry
im off school whoray!!! i made it
and i am now a psych major ,... whoa!
it was an ok year i could of done better if i buckled down at the end but i just go to lazy
time to sit back and enjoy the summer
or get a new job sometime
but at least im free i have nothing to think about the next days to come..
plus my parents are gone... but i have no where to go.. im like a stoner hermet at home.
oh yeah plus
the other day i was at fairview outside and someguy 30 year old guy pulls up and asks me for matches
and im like no matches , lighter?
so he says yeah and pulls out a roach and lights its... right on
420 tommorow
anyway good luck to those that still have exams
and to those that dont ...

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